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With Jessica Fong and Anita Rao. Journal of Marketing Research, 2023.

Reaching for Gold: Frequent-Flyer Status Incentives and Moral Hazard.
With Yesim Orhun and Andreas Hagemann. Marketing Science, 2022.

The Effect of Information Disclosure on Physician Payments.
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Working Papers and Work in Progress

Social Media Publicity and New Product Entry via Local Entrepreneurs. [link]
With Boya Xu* and Daniel Xu. R&R.
Read our story: "How News on Social Media Can Drive Local Adoption of New Products"

The Impact of Medical Marijuana Legalization on Opioid Prescriptions. [link]
With Hayoung Cheon*, S. Sriram and Puneet Manchanda.

Drug Shortage and Addictive Consumption.
With Xinyao Kong and Yanwen Wang.

Explaining Healthcare Negotiated Price.
With Xinyao Kong and Yanwen Wang.

Gender-Neutral Claims.
With Jiaqi Chen*, June Shi and Shuo Zhang.

Influencer Debunking.
With Zijun Tian and Boya Xu*.

* Denotes student coauthor at the paper initation.